It’s been an exciting week over at TDE—Jay Rock‘s “Numbers on the Boards” gets followed up by this maniacal Ab-Soul “Dub Sac,” and Schoolboy Q‘s video is probably already uploaded somewhere, just one click away from freedom. And if you’re keeping score at home, TDE’s current content tornado comes just 10 days after Kendrick Lamar closed out their BET Cypher. The memories of that day are still fresh in many minds, but we cannot waste time being wistful. Ab-Soul’s recent features with Danny Brown (“Way Up Here”) and Vic Mensa (“Holy Holy”) land Soulo in grimy company, and “Dub Sac” stays the course. Raucous production from Tae Beast, raucous verses from Ab-Soul. Listen to “Dub Sac” below, follow it up with “Numbers On The Board,” and keep every eye you have open for Schoolboy Q’s upcoming video.