Four Tet is a madman. Last night he (and a few friends) took over Rinse FM for a ridiculous marathon of an eight-hour show, which, for anyone who was still up at around 4am UK time, included a previously unheard, unreleased collaboration between himself and Burial. These artists are two of the best respected, most loved in electronic music, with previous collaborations sending fans into a frenzy, so it’s funny to hear the deadpan way Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) says, “we never got ’round to putting it out I guess.” People would kill to get their hands on this Kieran, so stop being so casual.

The track itself is as excellent as one might expect, with Burial’s signature, spine-tingling vocal samples and Four Tet’s weighty, bass textures again making perfect partners. Maybe make a whole album together guys? Please.

Listen to the untitled, unreleased new track below. Four Tet’s new album Beautiful Rewind is out now.