Since we were first introduced to Manchester’s Bipolar Sunshine, it has become readily apparent that the emerging singer is as full of ideas as he is capable of executing his varied visions. To round out his latest collection of original material, the just-released¬†Drowning Butterflies¬†EP, the talented Mr. Sunshine channels worldly ’80s pop for his infectiously hook-y “Trouble.”

If no other specific thread runs through Bipolar Sunshine’s music (and there certainly are overlying aesthetic similarities, even when songs vary as wildly as the gorgeously low-key “Fire” and the anthemic “Rivers“), it is his gift for crafting memorable choruses without giving in to transparent pop sensibilities. His songwriting feels true to personal circumstance, even as it opens itself to wider enjoyment (“I know you’re trouble, and I like it/I like it, ’cause you know I’m trouble too” isn’t the most original couplet, but it’s grounded by Bipolar’s voice and personal verses).

Listen to “Trouble” below.