Winter has arrived in New York.

Sure, the forecast predicts a moderate few days ahead, but the air has already dipped down to the temperature of chapped lips, scarves, and the layers summer made temporarily forgettable, ending the fantasy of fall and reminding New Yorkers that the worst (read: February) is yet to come.

Longing for the temperateness of springtime in New York or even the crispness of autumn, there’s no shortage of sepia-stained, nostalgic music to choose from, but that doesn’t mean more is a bad thing. Synth-rock duo Crystal Bats’ “Falling in Love” does the trick for a winter-sick soul, with its warm, dense production backing a well-worn message of caution in the face of new romance: “I keep on falling in love /Could this be the start of something good?/Or is it just that I keep on falling in love?” It doesn’t precisely shimmer, but “Falling In Love” does cut the chill. Listen below.