When you’re truly impressed by a new artist’s first single, there’s a part of you that hopes this musical magic is not some sort of fluke. So often the follow-up song doesn’t quite measure up to the debut, losing that wow-factor that came so naturally to begin with. Luckily, this is not the case for Banoffee. The Australian singer first mesmerized us with her stunning track “Ninja,” earlier this summer and now she follows that up with “Reign Down.” Produced by fellow Australian musician Oscar Key Sung (whose most recent single we premiered last month), the song is a velvety electro-R&B production and much like her last single, “Reign Down” comes with a message just as striking as the track itself. Says Banoffee:

“Reign down was written in quite a pivotal period in my life, where I realized that not much ever eventuated with taking action. For me, it is about being in a place that you might be comfortable, even if its not particularly enjoyable – and choosing to take the grittier option in search of a better outcome. Whether its a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a destructive way of living or whatever, “Reign Down” is kind of like a “screw you universe, I’m going to rule at doing things my way” sort of song. If I was Mariah I’d be singing “shake it off” ha – wish I was Mariah.”

The song will be included on her upcoming EP, scheduled for an early 2014 release. Melt into it below.