This is some vibey-ass shit right here. Newcomer Saol Álainn is a 25 year old Los Angeles based producer, aaaaand that is all we know. With little to no Internet presence the young producer has chosen to let the music speak for itself, and it absolutely does. Álainn hits us with his debut “Nostroke,” a dreamy track perfect for our rapidly approaching descent into the winter months. A swirl of complimentary sounds pour from your speakers like warm water creating a flourish of soothing ooh’s over a thumping beat. The perfect amount of alt, pop and soul, the production of the track takes you by surprise as it explodes through the build.

Saol Álainn will be releasing 250 copies of the debut 7″ with the art individually stamped/smeared onto each sleeve. Cop yours from No Recordings today and check out the song below.