When we first posted about Simian Ghost, Constant G classified their sound as being perfect for Sundays.

22 months later, here we are on a Sunday with some new music from the Swedish mind of Sebastian Arnström. “A Million Shining Colours” is the first material we’ve heard from Simian Ghost since last years Autumn Slowmo EP. They’ve retained the crisp indie songwriting abilities that first turned heads, taking cues from Of Montreal and Phoenix along the way. Arnström explained the songwriting process:

We wrote “A Million Shining Colours” based on an idea which runs through much of the material on the new record; that we would try to develop our songwriting, partly by looking back in music history. The lyrics, to me, are about that feeling I think many people working with music or art in any form gets sometimes, that it’s a bit hopeless what you’re doing.

It’s about coming to terms with that, to able to look at yourself and what you burn for in life, in all it’s hopelessness, and smile.

Stream “A Million Shining Colours” below: