Switzerland-born, Liverpool-based singer Nadine Carina boasts a solid pedigree (she graduated Liverpool’s Institute of Performing Arts) to accompany her ambition and sparkling sensibilities. New six song EP Things That People Love to Remember¬†is often quite beautiful (fourth song “Shores,” in particular, channels a bit of Bjork and puts Carina’s strengths as a vocalist on fullest display), mining hazy textures, reverb-soaked vocals, and tasteful synthesizers for gauzy, emotional effect. Much of the music on Things sounds like a day viewed through a rain-spotted window after the storm has stopped. Though it often feels as if Carina has yet to find full form as an artist, the prettiness of her voice and her potential to craft excellent, quietly adventurous “electronic folk” (as the singer calls it) are evident throughout.

Stream Things That People Love to Remember below and buy it here if you want to support Carina.