Earlier this month we heard from two young New Orleans rappers named Burger and Tim Cross. Their music was unpolished, but for a couple of teenagers who did things completely on their own, recording music in their own bedrooms, it was impressive. They made it clear that they’re just two of a bigger collective called Krewe of 77, and it turns out they’re not the only two with talent.

KedX’s “Raw” is exactly what the name suggests, but there’s more to it than that. He’s got a relaxed flow, confident, comfortable, and a little reminiscent of Curren$y. It’s not intentional though. “I like some of his songs but I never noticed that,” he explains. His favorite rapper is Kendrick Lamar, he looks up to Kanye, and he listens to Save Money, TDE, and Childish Gambino.

KedX started rapping with Tim Cross on a Rock Band video game microphone, using a laptop to record. So far, he and his crew have been doing everything themselves, but that isn’t limiting his ambition. “We are all very close friends who really want to make a way with our taste in music in such a mainstream world,” he says about his team. “Shout out to the Krewe. This our year.”