British electronic musician Actress has been making quietly innovative music since he first released Hazyville in 2008; but his latest, Ghettoville, might just be his most challenging record yet. Streaming in its entirety over at NPR, the genre-defying record is out next week via Werk Discs.

Playing to the mystique of the woozy producer, Ghettoville is intensely mystifying and decidedly bleak. Representing his ever-changing interests in all kinds of electronic music, the record straddles through ambient all the way to micro-genres stemming from the murky depths of Bandcamp. It’s not the easiest listen in the world, but scrape off the dust and it’ll slowly unravel itself. Impenetrable upon first listen, Actress has given us what is perhaps his swan song (he has suggested that this will be his last record as Actress), and if that is actually the case, then he really did choose a brilliant way to go out. Listen to the fascinating record via NPR below.