As confirmed last week, OutKast will not be releasing any new material, despite their upcoming reunion tour this summer. Big Boi, however, continues to crank out music at a respectable rate, including a weekly series of remixes that he has recently started called “Mash-Up Mondays.” The conceit is simple enough, as the Atlanta rapper takes his recent solo material and mixes it together with old classics.

This week, Big Boi has used “Objectum Sexuality,” a track he made with Phantogram for Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, and spliced it together with the funky ’80s hit, “A Night to Remember,” by the disco-soul group, Shalamar. The result is well worth your time, and continues to unmask the influences that have made funk and soul such a powerful part of Big Boi’s work.

Listen to the mash-up above, and the two original tracks below.


(Rap Radar)