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James McIntosh, the 22-year-old producer and DJ from South London who records as Utrecht, put out his debut single “APC” on the always on-point label Good Years (Banks, Lil Silva). That release was a bright house tune, but to kick off 2014 the producer is taking things in a more radio-friendly direction, collaborating on “Too Far” with Jakil, who he describes as “a great band, very pure and very pop.”

Utrecht has been making music since his early teens, and although the debut single and subsequent remixes pegged him as a dance music producer, his influences range far and wide. “Production-wise I think I always look to the trio of Darkchild, Timbaland, and Teddy Riley,” he told us. “But in terms of song writing I get influences from everywhere really, as long as it has a good melody. As for who I’m listening to right now, it’s a bit of a mix: Superfood, DJ Rashad, Bernard Hermann, Childish Gambino. Pretty much anything that comes out on We Play House, too.”

Putting all these influences into the melting pot, Utrecht has come up with a bouncy, dance music influenced beat for “Too Far,” one that incorporates many elements but never overwhelms the vocals. Listen and download the premiere below.

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