From the brilliant mind that brought us a whole album of Gucci Mane rapping over Boards of Canada (check that out here), comes something that may even be better, but if not, is certainly just as good.

Soundcloud user caddybay has made a full thirty minute album of Hot Boy$ (Lil Wayne, Juvenile, BG and Turk)┬áverses over the weird, ambient, sonic experimentation of Aphex Twin. Just as he did with the Gucci Mane album, he splits up tracks with a mixture of skits and excerpts from news reports about the rappers. Highlights include the opening track, and Wayne’s “Fireman,” which comes in after around 10 minutes 20 seconds.

Listen to Hot Boy$ x Aphex Twin below and check out more weird and wonderful mash-ups on caddybay’s Soundcloud page here.