On retro-leaning single “…TRAVEL,” Los Angeles-born, San Francisco-based rapper DUCKWRTH showed how to find inspiration in the past without becoming trapped in nostalgia. New mixtape TAXFREE Vol. 1 delivers an expansion on the promise of that initial spark, broadening the production palette slightly (songs like “VOLTRON” and “AUTHENTICS” put warmly modern touches on sounds that feel inspired by a bygone era) to form the bedrock for his rhymes, a combination of subtle humor and poignant reflection on life as an outsider delivered with an able flow.

While it doesn’t necessarily have a true standout track, TAXFREE Vol. 1 provides a succinct, cohesive vision of an intriguing rapper using ingenuity and recycled parts to craft an enjoyable listen that points to promise still left to fulfill. Give it a spin below.