Commissioned by Converse, the Cali-based punk rock band Trash Talk has joined forces with one of Brooklyn’s grimiest hip-hop groups, Flatbush Zombies, to produce a new track, “97.92,” as a part of the company’s forthcoming, CONS EP VOL 1. The track is relatively tame compared to the past work that each of these groups has created, but the change of pace doesn’t dull their creativity.

Instead, “97.92” is a dirty brand of old-school rap that speaks more to Trash Talk’s Odd Future-affiliations than any nu-rap nightmares that other punk/rap collabos would conceive. More than anything, it’s a nice reminder that both Trash Talk and Flatbush Zombies aren’t willing to be pigeonholed as a bunch of head-bangers.

CONS EP VOL 1 is set to be released in early March.