Yesterday in Khal’s round up of the week’s best EDM, he highlighted an excellent Outkast remix, “Moves Like Ms. Jackson,” saying the following:

“This landed in the DAD inbox anonymously (although it’s being attributed to a mysterious producer named Z); whatever the case may be, this OutKast flip has everyone going nutty.”

A day later, the anonymous producer known either as “Z” or “user601586061” (a seemingly generic Soundcloud user name) follows up with “Superfriends,” a darkly atmospheric dance song built around a driving four-on-the-floor beat, a pitched-down rap vocal, and the falsetto that made “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” intriguing. It’s music that could soundtrack a late night club scene in a film or real world illicit activities, its moody house pulse and memorable vocals forming a fitting backdrop for the sort of bad decisions that typically happen after 2 A.M.

Listen to “Superfriends” below.