It doesn’t happen too often, but in a musical life lived mostly on Soundcloud, it’s becoming more common to experience a song first in some re-worked form–whether a cover, a remix, an edit, or whatever word the creator chooses to let you know you’re not listening to the original.

While the name Allie X had popped up in conversation online chatter, it was the week old Neon Gold-cosigned remix of her debut single “Catch” by producer Billboard that served as a darkly energetic gateway to sunnier source material.

Like Tove Lo before her, Allie X makes pop music that’s just left-of-center enough to live outside of the strict realm of Top 40 radio while possessing a catchiness that suggests bigger songs to come. Sparkling and buoyant, “Catch” feels well in line with the swell of synth pop currently cropping up from the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.