By this point, if you’ve been following Gallant with any regularity, you should have an inkling of what to expect from new single “Jupiter Grayscale”: soaring, gorgeously hazy R&B.

For his latest release, the L.A.-based singer conjures the feeling of a pained moment of clarity:

I guess when you make a ton of sacrifices for someone—give what you thought was everything—it can take a lot to look back and admit that you were the one who pulled everything apart. I was selfish, I was big-headed, I was insincere and I apologized way too late. The artwork represents the type of situation that leads to these realizations… when you look around and see nothing but blissful unconditional joy and it hits you that you can’t really relate.

Like Maxwell mashed with the Isley Brothers’ penchant for light psychedelia, the Maths Time Joy-produced “Jupiter Grayscale” feels fuller than any Gallant release yet, building on intricate percussion and reverb-drenched guitars to a burning crescendo.

A fitting release for the day we celebrate some of the best and brightest in alternative R&B.