Scuzzy, fuzzy, grunge-y rock is alive and kicking if Darlia have anything to do with it.

The trio from Blackpool, UK may only be 19 years old, but they are about to release their second EP, and lead single “Candyman” has already turned heads, with support coming from the likes of Zane Lowe. Darlia are not doing anything new, but they don’t need to, because what they are doing, they’re doing extremely well.

“Animal Kingdom” is full of youthful energy, with lead singer Nathan Day’s vocals cutting right through a whirl of guitars and percussion, a perfect mixture of swagger, snarl, and vulnerability. Listen to the premiere of “Animal Kingdom,” as well as “Candyman,” below.

Darlia’s Candyman EP is released March 31 on B-Unique Records. Pre-orderĀ here.