The opening notes of College & Electric Youth’s “A Real Hero” have a powerful effect on me. It’s weird. Like, I don’t even know what that song is about. I never saw Drive. It’s just like that old Third Eye Blind song when the dude sings, “The four right chords can make me cry.” We’ve all got our triggers. Mine are old photo albums and “A Real Hero.” When I’m in a high place and it’s snowing. Grainy footage from the ’80s (of anything, really). This one bird call that I remember hearing every morning when I was a kid. These things don’t all make me cry (yes they do), but they capture this bittersweet sinking feeling in my stomach that I have zero control over.

Danish producer Tomas Bardfod’s “True To You” does that to me, and I can’t stop listening to it.¬†His album¬†Love Me is out June 10 on Secretly Canadian. Most of it is more upbeat and focused more on the production and less on vocals. You can listen to a sampler here.