French label Ed Banger Records is known for its great taste in dance music, having put out early records from Justice and being the home of French maestros like Sebastian, Mr Oizo, and Feadz. Mr Flash, who had the first ever release on Ed Banger with Radar Rider in 2003, is about to release his debut full-length, Sonic Crusader, out June 2 and today, he’s shared a track off it, “Number One.”

The track features Cities Aviv, Action Bronson, and Madlib’s brother Oh No, and has the kind of beat you’d want to hear pretty much any rapper on, with its smooth strings and soulful vocal sample. Listen below.

1. The Tale
2. Motorcycle Boy
3. Number 1 featuring CITIES AVIV, ACTION BRONSON & OH NO
4. Venus In Furs
5. Disco Dynamite
6. Dazzle In The Dusk
7. Domino part A
8. Domino part B
9. Midnight Blue featuring SURAHN
10. Sonic Crusader
11. Bagheera featuring LADY LESHURR
12. Drill
13. Parliament Of The Rooks
14. Apocalypso
15. The Wake