Sia’s vocals on her single “Chandelier” are really moving. You may have noticed that throughout this entire campaign in anticipation of her new album, she has not once shown her face. Even during her performance on The Ellen Show, Sia had her back towards the crowd. There could be a larger reason for it, but by shielding her face, listeners are given the chance to really focus on Sia’s incredible voice.

In the same vein, Four Tet’s remix, which strips the original production and adds sparse, industrial percussion to “Chandelier,” also does that. The barebones backdrop gives Sia’s vocals plenty of room to shine, yielding a beautiful and tremendous remix.

Listen to Four Tet’s remix of “Chandelier” below, and develop a new appreciation for Sia’s voice. 1000 Forms of Fear arrives July 8.

UPDATE: Four Tet tweeted out a link to a different remix version, saying “There is better version with guest vocal but madness happened and it’s not allowed to release.” Check that out here, before it gets taken down.