There are songs that are obvious summer anthems—the sort that captures summer as a completely carefree time, the way we remember it as children. School ends, the temperature rises, and superhero movies start raiding our parents’ wallets. That’s the idealized notion.

Boston rapper Black El’s new single “Olde English 800” is a different sort of summer song; nostalgic and laid back, it’s a soundtrack to reminiscences of summers past. El’s raps and the Durkin and Victor Radz-produced beat conjure the feeling of transitioning from the dreams of youth into the reality of adulthood, trying to balance visions of the future with the hurdles of the present and the melancholy joy of the past. It’s evocative without being overly conceptual, focusing on a vibe that perfectly matches sepia-soaked memory.

Grab a 40 and mellow out to “Old English 800” below.