The first time I heard ZelooperZ, it was during a live show at the Complex house at SXSW. The lineup at the Complex house that weekend was crazy—Cam’ron, ASAP Ferg, Young Thug, Childish Gambino, YG. People were there to see stars, not to discover new artists. But Danny Brown brought this tall, lanky Detroit kid in skinny jeans though, and he wanted to give him a shot on stage. Complex was down. Danny stood to the side while ZelooperZ sauntered on stage. Nobody knew who he was. I think the plan was that if the crowd wasn’t fucking with it, Danny could join in to get them hype.

Danny never needed to get on that stage.

I remember standing there watching this kid and literally laughing because what… the.. fuck. He’s the wildest rap performer I’ve seen in a long time. A couple minutes into the show, he jumped off stage and rapped in the lawn with a circle of people around him completely engaged. He screamed, his eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he demonstrated the kind of presence and showmanship that you can’t teach.

It’s no secret that we at Pigeons & Planes are fans of rappers who are willing to do things differently, and even in today’s weird rap world of oddballs and outcasts, ZelooperZ stands out for his eccentricity. With a handful of tracks that already have us excited, today ZelooperZ gets a proper introduction with his new project, HELP. Cheers to doing things differently, and to what is hopefully one of the most out-there and interesting hip-hop releases of the year. Listen and download below.

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