Hannah Taxman is patient. She grew up making music in Boulder, Colorado, but didn’t release any solo material. Taxman moved to Boston after being accepted into Berklee School of Music, where she was a part of several collaborations but still zero solo projects. She met Luca Buccellatti, the man behind production for Tei Shi and Yellerkin, at Berklee, and although his abilities on the boards fit Taxman’s background in soul like a glove, still she waited, until the two had graduated and were both in Brooklyn. Her patience pays off today.

“Out Of Touch” is the first single, what Taxman calls our “introduction to HANAH.” It is an immaculate piece of soulful, dreamy songwriting. The rumble of a single guitar bounces of chimes and a lazy bed of synthesizers and birdsong as Taxman laments the disconnect she encounters on the day to day. That’s the song’s first act. It smooths you out before launching into the second half—a driving pulse of drums enters and HANAH’s history as a soul singer comes to the fore with notes of gospel and doo-wop.

The rest of HANAH’s debut is on the way. Hopefully she won’t be so patient this time around. Stream “Out Of Touch” below.