I don’t know my cousins well. We never lived near most of them, and those we did were so much older or younger than my brother and I that we didn’t have much in common to talk about besides our shared bloodlines. Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam would’ve had a similar upbringing, if their moms mums didn’t have a say in their relationship. “This track was an icebreaker for us cousins, as we weren’t close before this project and hadn’t seen each other in years,” they explain. “It was our collective mums’ decision for us to collaborate and strengthen family ties.”

The result was much more than family bonding. The duo started making music together under the name Klo. Their first release was the infectious “Makes Me Wonder,” which amassed over 60,000 plays in just under two months. Now they’re back with a new track titled “False Calls.” The song has the same velvety electronic production, topped nicely with Kaul’s smoky vocals. Says the band:

The finished product sounds nothing like the first draft. It was messy and incoherent, but we managed to arrange it as we learnt to combine our two producing styles. We’d both never made anything like this before, it was as much a learning curve as it was amusing. The main idea of the track is loss of identity, which funnily enough came about after witnessing a drunken idiot. We expected it wasn’t leaving past the bedroom studio, hence the lo-fi tape samples and degraded voice loops. Being our the first track we put together, its a bit special to us. We hope you like it, Mum(s).

The twosome are readying their debut EP but for now, get familiar with their sound by streaming “False Calls” below.