Gucci Mane

Soundcloud Surfing is a weekly feature that is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of focusing on brand new music, we dig into the Soundcloud archives and pull out some gems. Enjoy, and check out previous editions here.

Gucci Mane. The myth, the legend, the mane who releases multiple albums and keeps his label running from jail with no problem. Because of his love of ridiculous chains (see above), face tat, or peculiar, mush-mouthed rapping style, many people are too quick to dismiss Gucci as a joke or as a poor rapper, when he is certainly neither.

We noticed that Gucci Mane cosigns a lot of music by reposting it on his Soundcloud, so, in our vain attempt to get inside his uniquely twisted mind, we took a look at some of the better tracks that he’s supported on Soundcloud. Get ready for a turn-up filled weekend with the playlist below.

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