Image via FOURSIX

Image via Foursix

New York’s Foursix—a seven member collective comprised of Amoedo, Ashlee, J-Pay$o, Jahnei, Verdé Madera, Zach Day, and Zino—capture the energy of their hometown’s summer evenings on new single “Nothing Yet.”

Producer Jahnei says the inspiration for “Nothing Yet” struck him “while [he] was skating in front of [his] school, thinking about some girl, listening to a song by [his] favorite producer Lido.”

“It was kinda windy out,” he continues. “I went back to my dorm and created a cool vocal effect and started mumbling dumb words…a couple days later, I liked it enough to play it for Verdé [Madera] and J-Pay$o.”

Humble origins led to a fitting soundtrack for lazy summer dusk, the aimless byproduct of days drained by heat and Coronas, concrete wanderings and small adventures. Madera and J-Pay$o pine for fleeting romances over Jahnei’s shifting production, which feels as indebted to 808s and Heartbreak-era Kanye West as to the post-Jeremih courtship of R&B and downtempo electronic.

In its small way, “Nothing Yet” says as much about the state of New York hip-hop—now the infinite melting pot, rather than staunch purveyor of a single sound—as it does its young creators, searching for inspiration in every moment and sound.

“Nothing Yet” is the intro to Foursix’s upcoming debut album The Manhattan Project. Listen below.