Well shit. The Grammys. I usually watch them pretty carelessly. Same goes for this year, but the reason was different. I have never experienced something like Twitter during the Grammys. Half the time I wasn’t even looking at the TV screen. You get a better feel for what’s happening via the constant stream of opinions/mockery/praise via ‘tweets’. So fuck it, instead of giving you my thoughts of the Grammys, I give you some comments via Twitter. If you aren’t on Twitter yet, catch up. The shit makes life a little more accessible. Follow me.

These comments are in order from the beginning to the end from people I’m following including artists, bloggers, people who followed me and I followed back, and people who were actually at the Grammys.

For reference:
thekidLEGEND = onSMASH.com
qoolquest = ?uestlove, of The Roots (actually there)
LowKeyUHTN = YouHeardThatNew.com
Elliott Wilson = Elliott Wilson (actually there)
bobatl = B.o.B.
WaleDC = Wale
DCtoBC = DCtoBC.com
itsthereal = itsthereal.com
Mekdot = 2dopeboyz.com

fuck it, you’ll figure out the rest.

thekidLEGEND I’m staying off twitter so you east coast heads don’t spoil the grammys
qoolquest man. im kinda honored jonas bros gave me dap
qoolquest robert plant just kicked me outta his seat lol
itsthereal Whitney’s dress looks painful. Just eating into her boob like [ENTER ‘SILENCE OF THE LAMBS’ JOKE HERE].
djyounglegend AL GREEN SMOOTH AS EGGS.
ElliottWilson When’s the deep voiced nigga gonna come back home to Boyz II Men? SMH.
Rosenbergradio OMG! TAYLOR SWIFT AND MILEY!! I’m about to LMFM and LMFAO and LOL and then JOTUAG
Rosenbergradio is it ok if I OD on twitter during the grammys? cuz i think its happening
qoolquest son. this is a great visual. hov just might make me jump on the “black celeb jockin cooldplay” train
hipsterrunoff just won a grammy for Best New Blog!
Rosenbergradio if i wanna move to the UK and f*ck dudes–ill pop in that coldplay
bobatl I send my prayers to what people have grown to call “celebrities.” People judge them and have no respect for their privacy.
WaleDC is not willing to pretend i am a coldplay head like half of the universe
djyounglegend RT @ILLIONAIRE For the last time, YES Chris Brown DID hit Rihanna with a Haymaker word to Fight Night Round 3.
MickBoogie Was that my coldplay/jayz blend? Viva la hova!!!
qoolquest im starving. i gotta be at the “radiomansion” at 11. but i wanna see if MIA drops the baby on the stage
djyounglegend Al Green Gettin’ That Arab Money.
itsthereal Play “Bawitdaba” or don’t play at all.
Rosenbergradio wow pop crap is not what it used to be man..miley and taylor just made me TUIMM (Throw Up In My Mouth)
nahright why’d I think Taylor Swift was a dude? *shrug*
thekidLEGEND twitter Grammy commentary > grammys
PigsAndPlans If Stevie could only see what tools these kids were
hipsterrunoff I don’t have to watch the Grammys cuz I can just watch FGGTs comment about it on twitter. h8 yall. h8 life. gonna end it soon
nahright I missed the Twitter shout because I was on Twitter
nahright but I know about it because I was on Twitter
thekidLEGEND @nahright lmfaoo. me too son. me too
bobatl I will watch the grammy’s next year when I am there…and I will twitter about the whole night!!! Stay tuned! lol
DCtoBC look at that hair.
ElliottWilson After SLU we’re OUT. God this is as bad live as watchin it on TV.
djyounglegend Twitter On The Shitter.
DCtoBC LOL shit. somebody said rihanna got beat by chris breezy cuz she gave him herpes. all jokes aside, i would rock somebody for that. seriously
DCtoBC this is how to get a miscarriage.
nahright damn, MIA is a soldier
definitely_nah Hov = Saul from Ocean’s 11
LowKeyUHTN Wayne finally looks like a fuckin rappper
i love that wayne don’t scream

atrak hey look, lil wayne has a real voice
PigsAndPlans dope…for the finale wayne is goin to deliver MIAs baby
itsthereal The Swag Pack as the new Rat Pack? Jay-Z = Frank Sinatra; T.I.P. = Dean Martin; Kanye West = Sammy Davis Jr; Lil’ Wayne = Peter Lawford.
WaleDC my twitter friends are sayin the funniest shyt ever! and I can’t make jokes like that because rumors will start..and people will say wale said this bout him n her
Rosenbergradio i may be tiring of the grammys and watching tool acadamy now
khal is this adelle? im so out of the loop on this shit
qoolquest i wasnt allowed to twit about the rehearsals but Radiohead is about to MURDER
soundverite1 Radiohead…Swagger Like The Worlds Greatest Band!
MekDot what’s the difference between radiohead and coldplay again?
nahright Album of the Year FAIL