Oh fuck! Can’t say I’m surprised, but I am baffled that these two songs didn’t drunkenly stumble into eachother late one night sometime in the early 2000’s and fuck the shit out of eachother. It seems so natural. It seems like such a perfect fit. This is tight. Pause. Sorry I don’t have more credit to give for this. It’s from here, but that site’s not in English.

Here it is. Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Blur’s “Song 2”. Together: Blurvana’s “Smells Like 2 Songs”

Blurvana – Smells Like Two Songs | Alternative

Wow. This is crazy. In the process of trying to find out who is responsible for this madness, I discovered that it’s an artist named ToTom. I also discovered that they mashed up the opposite, and it works just as well. Same two songs, but this time with Blur’s vocals and Nirvana’s music.

Blurvana – Song Like Two Spirits | Alternative