“Sole Covers Kanye West” – that’s what I read in my inbox. I would have immediately scrambled for some way to hear this if I had known it was true, but I assumed that it couldn’t be the Sole I was thinking of. It couldn’t be that scruffy, abstract-minded red head that used to be in Deep Puddle Dynamics. But it is.

Piece together beats taken from the likes of Kanye’s “Heartless”, Soulja Boy’s “Turn My Swag On” and Rick Ross’ “Every Day I’m Hustlin”, and a wide critique of social, political and world issues. Add Sole’s distinctive rap style and voice, and what have you? It’s Nuclear Winter, Sole’s first in an upcoming series of mixtapes.

Pretty fucking crazy. If you’ve been a follower of the underground hip-hop world for a while, you probably need to hear this to believe it. So check out a couple tracks below and download the whole mixtape here.

Sole – Every Day I’m Hustlin’ | YouSendIt

Sole – So The Rich Can Sleep Tonight (ft. Solillaquists of Sound) | YouSendIt