My iTunes is a fucking disaster. It’s been so long since I actually tried to organize it that some songs are still labeled in the ancient language of Sanskrit and others are identified only by binary code. It’s a real mess, but I’m going through it now and I came across this completely unlabeled one. Anyone remember this? For me, this was one of my anthems for Sping Break ‘0something. Just one of those songs that comes and goes, but while it was around, it led to some really good times.

Damn, just got me to go back in my photos looking for pictures. This is the 7AM sunrise at Spring Break in North Carolina that this song reminds me of. You can’t really tell, but there’s one mammoth shell on the right that’s half covered in the sand. I still have it today in my shoebox full of random shit. I remember taking this picture and then running to the shell, digging it out, and rinsing it off as if I had found some kind of buried treasure. I was very fucked up at this point, and I remember thinking I had uncovered the greatest thing Earth had to offer. I’m pretty sure I was right.

Baby Boy Da Prince – The Way I Live | YouSendIt