Whoa. Jay Elec channeling the Biggie energy? Honestly, I’ve always thought Jay Electronica was hyped up beyond what he’s proven via his rare flashes of brilliance. But even with the Diddy adlibs, this one goes. Jay said he got this beat by going on iChat and asking people to send him beats. He got it, liked it, called Diddy, and (obviously) @iamdiddy was on some “WE LOCKED IN! LETS GO! IMA GET ON THIS ONE! LETS HIT THE STUDIO!” Propers to RR.

This is unfinished, so we’ll see what it turns into. Thoughts on Jay seem to range from “He’s the best in the game right now” to “Who is Jay Electronica?” How do you guys feel about him?

Jay Electronica ft Diddy – The Ghost of Christopher Wallace | YouSendIt