Long after the news that Blur is reuniting, we finally have the first new song from the band in 7 years – and it’s really good. Albarn jumps out of the animated, wild Gorillaz world and lands perfectly back inside the English rock realm of Blur with a mellow, soothing melody that takes you back to early Britpop years, but in a weird way, is also slightly reminiscent of Gorillaz (do you hear a little “Kids With Guns” in this?).

Blur released this in celebration of Record Store Day, but they only put out 1,000 limited copies at record stores in the UK. From Crave:

We want independent record stores to continue — they’re an important part of our musical culture,” singer Damon Albarn said in a statement. “Music is a simple way for Blur to show our support and we hope people will like it.

UPDATE: The band just made a high quality version of the song available for free on their website. Looks like the download cuts off, so until they fix that, grab it below. Thanks to ListenBeforeYouBuy.

Blur – Fool’s Day