Kings of Leon have made a full transition from their early days into a mainstream, arena-rocking rock band. Along the way, there has been a lot of grumbling from the original fans, upset that their favorite little band has been exposed to the world. This happens a lot. Remember the first time you saw Modest Mouse on MTV? It’s like a secret of yours has just been blasted over a loudspeaker. Not that you don’t want to see your band enjoy success and groupies, but that dirty “sellout” label is so hard to avoid sometimes.

Kings of Leon have made the transition well. While their sound is bigger and more polished than ever, their sound and style is still in tact. Here’s their latest from the band’s upcoming fifth album Come Around Sundown, out October 19th. Saw it at Listen Before You Buy.

DOWNLOAD: Kings of Leon – Radioactive | Mediafire