Panda Bear did it, now it’s David Portner’s (known as Avey Tare) turn. Here is the Animal Collective member’s first song off his upcoming solo project Down There, set to be released on October 25th. Shout to The Frontloader. When you hear Animal Collective’s music, you may think “Wow, this band is fucking crazy.” As each member reveals more solo work, you come to learn that Animal Collective is so fucking crazy because each member that makes up Animal Collective is fucking crazy. Makes sense.

This one is similar to Animal Collective in that it might take a few tries before it clicks. It gets very repetitive towards the end, but repetitive in a mind-bending kind of way, like when you say the word “sofa” too many times and it starts to lose meaning and makes you feel crazy. I kind of like when that happens. Makes me appreciate language more. Damn, I sound stoned don’t I? Avey Tare will do that to you.

DOWNLOAD: Avey Tare – Lucky 1 | Mediafire

Hit the jump for the recently released video to to my favorite Animal Collective song, “Bluish”…