Well damn. On February 23rd, 1995, Big L and a young Jay-Z were guests on the Stretch & Bobbito show. The shit that went down was epic and became known by all as the “7 Minute Freestyle.” Now we’ve got the 10 minute uncut version. Even 15 years later, the lyricism is still ridiculous. I really wish Big L got more of a chance to develop – his talent with words was immense. Big L, rest in peace.

The last thing you want with Big L is a fair one,
‘Cause in a street brawl I strike men like lightnin’,
You see what happened in my last fight friend? …Aiight then!

DJ Premier says:

Big L IS the best MC ever, since I first had a track of him. ‘You can put your man on too’, I wonder if he knew he would be in Forbes magazine and shit 15 years later? The most powerful hip hop artist ever was back then just Big L’s man haha. This shit is classic, no doubt.

DOWNLOAD: Big L & Jay-Z – Stretch & Bobbito 10 Minute Freestyle | Mediafire