Yo, who ISN’T listening to lo-fi French surf music these days? I don’t surf, and I don’t speak French, but I love the sound of La Femme’s “Sur La Planche”. The band’s EP is out December 13th, and they’ll be in the U.S. for the next two months. Check it out.

As La Femme prepares to for their first U.S. gigs, the band remains an enigma. Hailing from Paris, the group walks the line between erotic avant-pop and lo-fi surf rock. Their music can be flippantly light-hearted or aggressively dark depending on their mood. The one thing is clear though: La Femme is part of the 2010s, a decade that has yet to be written.

DOWNLOAD: La Femme – Sur La Planche | Usershare

Hit the jump for tour dates…

La Femme West Coast Dates:
(East Coast dates to be added soon)
12/26: Hollywood, CA @ Bardot Hollywood
12/27: Los Angeles, CA @ Show Cave
12/1: Oceanside, CA @ The Royal Dive
12/2: Los Angeles, CA @ El Cid
12/3: Costa Mesa, CA @ Captain Helm
12/4: Los Angeles, CA @ The Strange
12/5: San Francisco, CA @ The Showdown
12/6: San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop