Since the Beastie Boys have been releasing new music, videos, and news I haven’t been able to get a post in about them. But finally my wish has come true. The Beastie Boys Licensed To Ill was the first hip-hop album I bought at the young age of 7. I didn’t find out what a Brass Monkey until about 7 years later. The boys have been able to keep a music presence for over 30 years now. Even with grey hair they still keep putting out quality music and staying relevant. May 3rd is when The Hot Sauce Committee Pt 2 comes to a local iTunes or Best Buy near you. Unfortunately the clean version has leaked onto the world wide web. The Beastie Boys have this to say about the album leak.

So as a hostile and retaliatory measure with great hubris we are making the full explicit aka filthy dirty nasty version available for streaming on our site. We hope this brings much happiness, hugs, and harmony. Enjoy Kikoos for life!

So as you can see, you listen to the filthy dirty nasty version here. I am listening to right now and it is like that late 80’s early 90’s sound, which I like the best. Make sure you check out track 4, “Too Many Rappers” featuring Nas. Check out the Santigold-assisted track below. Pre-order their album here.

Beastie Boys Ft Santigold – “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win”

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