Smokey Robotic is on a roll. On first listen, I already decided I liked the song, then at 1:32 the hip-hop side of SR kicked in and put the icing on the cake. I give up on trying to classify these guys – genre-wise, they are all over the place, creating a blend of genres that mix in colorful swirls to form the group’s unique sound. Production on this one by¬†!llmind & Konrad.

Powered by women and hot sauce, Smokey’s ship continues to speed through musical galaxies, swerving gracefully like drunken nascar drivers in and out of genres. “Blast Off” is a new song off of their upcoming album, “The Shark and the Helicopter,” which will be released this summer. The painting for the song was created by Smokey affiliate Evan Smith who is designing the artwork for Smokey’s new LP.

Blast Off by Smokey Robotic