A lot has changed for Chet Faker since our first post about him way back in May of 2011.  Can you remember back that far?  I can’t.  According to my notes Faker only had a few songs on his SoundCloud, 300 some odd “likes” on his Facebook fanpage and no official website.  Today we have twice as much music, he has 500+ more “likes” and ChetFaker.com is now live.  See what happens with a little love from P&P? We have clout coming out the ears.

Somebody wanted more Chet after “No Diggity” hit the site, so here you go.  Peruse “Cigarettes and Chocolate” & “House Atriedes” below.  This is pretty music from a guy who looks like he should be playing rugby or bare-knuckle boxing in the streets of Melbourne.  I think that whole “not judging a book by its cover thing” comes into play here.

PS – Just visited his SC page, and he’s posted another track already.  Faker is on fire.

Cigarettes and Chocolate by Chet Faker

House Atriedes by Chet Faker