It can be hard not to be overwhelmed by the dense, reference-filled raps of Das Racist when they are spitting over fairly spare beats, but when they spit on an uncontrollably hyper beat beat like this one, you know it’s going to take a few listens for your mind to catch up with your ears. Add to that Heems’ new “I’ve nearly lost my voice” sound, and Kool A.D. name-checking DJ Khaled and Daikon radish in consecutive lines, and you have something which is most definitely not relaxing background music.

After two well received free mixtapes in Shut Up, Dude and Sit Down, Man, Das Racist are releasing their first proper album Relax on September 13th. If this track is anything to go by, the album (with production from members of Yeasayer, Vampire Weekend and Charilift) is all set up to be good’un. Try and get your head around “Michael Jackson” below, and hit the jump for the Relax cover-art (slightly less incendiary than above), tracklist and production credits.

Das Racist – Michael Jackson by Transdreamer

01. Relax (Produced by Das Racist and Patrick Wimberly)
02. Michael Jackson (Produced by Das Racist and Patrick Wimberly)
03. Brand New Dance (Produced by Patrick Wimberly)
04. Middle of The Cake (Produced by Anand Wilder)
05. Girl (Produced by Blood Diamonds)
06. Shut Up, Man feat. El-P (Produced by El-P)
07. Happy Rappy (Produced by Diplo)
08. Booty In The Air (Produced by Patrick Wimberly)
09. Power feat. Danny Brown and Despot (Produced by Dash Speaks)
10. Punjabi Song feat. Bikram Singh (Produced by J-La)
11. Selena (Produced by Patrick Wimberly)
12. Rainbow In The Dark (Produced by J-La)
13. The Trick (Produced by ROSTAM)
14. Celebration (Produced by Francis Farewell Starlite