After various festivalling (Kanye at the Big Chill say whaaat), working and traveling I’m finally back home in Paris with a lovely fast internet connection and a hell of a lot of music to share. Before any of that though, the most heartfelt and congratulatory of congratulations to Confusion. You should know what I’m talking about by now, so lets just say big, big, BIGINTHEGAME! And leave it at that.

First up I’ve got some smooth, easily listenable and very chilled out electronic pop for you, courtesy of South London dwelling French born duo Zooey. The two of them record everything at home in London and there is an appealing simplicity in the dreamy melodies and textures that they create. Give two of the songs from their recent Time To Meet Outside EP a listen below, check out their nostalgic blog or their Facebook, and if you want to impress your hipster friends by talking about “that new French band on your iPod” purchase the whole EP here.

Goodbye Now by ZOOEY

Spring! by ZOOEY