If you’re like me, you listen to music every day. With that daily intake moving the way it does on the Internet and through blogs, the focus is always going to be on what’s new and hot. It’s tough to keep up with all the new stuff. There is a lot of new stuff.

A problem (that’s not really a problem at all), is when I rediscover music I lost, stumbling on a track or album in my collection that I’ve never heard of or have any idea where it came from. Recently that’s been happening over and over again to us, and some of this stuff is too good to just leave in an iTunes library. So we decided to launch the newest feature on P&P – Lost Ones. It’s for the forgotten songs and artists; the ones who probably got steamrolled by the daily blog grind, but music that deserves to be lived with for a little while, or at least listened to once more.

“Big City Sound Girl” by The Lytics is a special song. It combines a lot of the best of hip-hop, bringing to mind rap crews like the Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief. In fact, the song this reminds me most of is “93 Til Infinity,” which is heavy, deserved praise. The song itself is about the girl that got away. It’s a beautiful, nostalgic beat, with strings and piano interrupted only by a wistful vocal sample and classic boom bap percussion. Each of the Lytic MC’s take a turn on the mic, giving a separate but relatable series of takes on what is, essentially, the same story.

The Lytics are a group based out of Winnipeg, Canada, and this song came out back in September of 2009 as a part of their self-titled, 8 track album. They haven’t released any new music since, but you can grab the whole album HERE. It’s definitely worth picking up.

The Lytics – “Big City Sound Girl”