When I heard Ludacris had a new mixtape, nothing happened, because I didn’t care. Sure, Luda pops up and murders a verse every now and then. Sometimes he pops up and just delivers a standard, cartoonish Luda verse. A lot of the time, I forget that he’s around at all. He’s like a groundhog. When you see one, it’s like, “cool, a groundhog,” but if you went the rest of your life without ever seeing a groundhog, you probably wouldn’t give it a second thought.

Nothing against groundhogs, and nothing against Luda. He just hasn’t been an integral part of the game lately, and ever since that song about runaway children, I have a hard time getting into his music. Nothing against runaway children.

But Midas told me he was listening to this and it sounded good, and sometimes he’s right about things. So I checked it out and immediately song number two grabbed me. Plus, Waka’s “Flex!” adlib is so on point that it makes this whole mixtape worth it. Check out a few tracks.

Ludacris – “Save It For Another”

Ludacris ft. Waka Flocka Flame – “Rich & Flexin'”

Ludacris ft. Meek Mill & Juicy J – “Say It To My Face”

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