Frat rap/college rap is like conscious rap in that nobody wants to be stuck with the label. These are the scarlet letters of hip-hop. But sometimes, whether you like it or not, people will try to stick you with them. You see it in the crowds, you hear it in interviews, the evidence of it is strewn all over Facebook walls and Twitter updates.

OnCue has probably already been stuck with the label. He’s young, he’s white, and he takes part in things like The Pledge To Rage tour, which is almost like begging for a frat rap label plastered on you forehead, or at least stuck to your back when you’re not looking. The thing about OnCue, though, is that he doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of these guys. He’s like the Drake of college rap.

Yeah, Drake’s on Young Money, but listen to Take Care and it’s not hard to pick out 99 ways that he’s different. Along those same lines, while most of these up-and-coming rappers who end up being defined by their college fanbase have a clear uniformity, OnCue stands out. He’s got a little bit of an alternative edge, singing choruses on songs like “Feel Tall” that simply don’t fit the frat boy mold. His content is a little darker, his punchlines are less corny. It’s certainly not a Solo Cups and beer pong picture that he paints.

What path OnCue chooses to follow is going to have a big effect on his music. He could easily play the role of a typical college rapper and do it very successfully. That just doesn’t seem like what he wants to do.

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