When Brandon Flowers of The Killers asked, “Are we human, or are we dancer,” I had no idea what he meant (it was inspired by a line from by Hunter S. Thompson, but I have no idea what he meant either*) but it sounded great, and every time he asked that question, I would answer out loud.

“Human,” I would say into whatever speaker was playing in the song.

I’m not sure why human and dancer are mutually exclusive, but I’m clearly more of a human than I am a dancer. Still, there are times when I think, “Fuck it, if someone asked me right now if I wanted to join a dance crew, I’d say yes.” Sure, I’d have a lot to learn, but fuck all the noise. Dance crew, anyone? Gonna start tomorrow, and just dance crew it out on some hoodrat street takeover shit. For now, watch the video that inspired my next power move. Shoutout to Wale’s “Bait.” Shoutout to The Internet Goon.

*If you’re really interested, here