Katy Perry is adding to her list of things she shouldn’t be doing. The newest addition to that list is the pop star’s curious rendering of ‘Ye and Jay’s “N*ggas In Paris.” Some possible ideas for why Perry decided to try and cover the track: Maybe she thought that when Yeezy dropped a verse on “E.T.” she absorbed some of his powers? Or Snoop made it look so easy on “California Gurls” that she figured it couldn’t be that hard? She’s probably just trying to make a headline, in which case mission accomplished. Because nothing screams headline like a white girl rapping about “ninjas” in Paris. I mean, if you escaped what she escaped, you’d be in London doing dumb shit too.

What are your thoughts on MC Perry’s first dip into rap? Maybe this is all in preparation for a hip-hop collabo with, I dunno, Ke$ha?