This fucking song. The A.V. Club is in its third season of a little series they like to call “A.V. Undercover”. It’s a pretty basic premise that involves selecting 25 different bands and 25 different songs of which those bands are to choose from and cover. The first band is approached with the song options, once one is selected it’s scratched from the list and only 24 remain. This continues until there’s only one band and one song left. The catch is they have to perform it in a tiny round room at the A.V. offices.

This particular session features California-based Young The Giant covering R. Kelly‘s infamous party tune “Ignition (Remix)”. At first you think “is this going to suck?” and then you see the fur coats and you’re like “what the fuck, fur?” and then at the end you’re all like “whoa, that was much more satisfying than I anticipated.” Or something like that.

Young The Giant covers “Ignition (Remix)”