For a band, changing your name after achieving a respectable level of critical and commercial success is a very risky proposition. While it’s not recommended, it does happen, and POP ETC (the band formerly known as The Morning Benders) are the most recent example of this unorthodox decision making. While their reasoning for the name change is certainly commendable, the potentially negative side effects from doing so are still undetermined. Now the easiest way to transition fans from old name to new would be to at least keep the musical direction consistent. Unfortunately that isn’t the case here, but the new sound is intriguing (guess what… it’s poppy) and with all the original band members still intact one would have to assume they will continue to produce creative and interesting music. Time will tell.

What we have here today is the video for “Live It Up”, a new song off POP ETC’s self-titled “debut” album releasing June 12, 2012. Pre-order it here.